Sunday, June 28, 2009

My bag made from 2 blouses

I have 2 beautiful teenager daughters.

Luckily I belong to a big family with 6 girls & 2 boys—I am the eldest c”,)

My younger sisters pass on their clothes, shoes, bags, etc to my daughters. But sometimes my daughters will just choose among the items sent to them and the rest will either be given away to my relatives in the province or include it on our once in awhile garage sale.

My youngest sister gave me a pink blouse with rough shape thing design all over. I used is once or twice but looks small on me and very hard to find a match bottom that is why I did not wear it again. Then one of the pass-on clothes—was this very nice fushia sleeveless jersey that my daughters don’t like and unfortunately won’t fit me.

So, I thought that it will be nice to make a bag out of these 2 blouses.

2] The lower part of the jersey I cut—I sew it on the lower part front of the jersey & sew some division too that it becomes the pockets.

3] Then I sew the jersey (with the pockets out) and pink blouse (front side) together in all sides.

4] Now, the pink blouse is the front of the bag while the fushia jersey is the inside lining with pockets of the bag.

Here it is now…I have a new fashionable bag c”,) luv it!!!

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  1. wow thats such a innovative idea.

    Samantha geller