Friday, June 26, 2009

One more skort

I'm so proud & very happy of my gray skorts that I made from my long skirt last year. That was my very 1st time to try to sew shorts or skorts.

Early this year, I thought of transforming my pink sports Capri into sports skort. Since, I don’t like wearing yoga or Capri pants when playing badminton ( I feel hot in pants).

1] Here's my light pink skort that I am using in my badminton games.
I made sure that I have studied all the parts of this skort just to make sure I can duplicate it.

2] I have dark pink sports Capri and I cut it into half.

Upper part will be the short inside. The 2 legs of Capri were both cut on one part, then sewn together to make a skirt.

3] Slits were cut on both sides of the skirt..

Then skirt was sewn on top of the skort.

Ta-daaaa!!! My new dark pink skort!

Note: If you will notice—I made a mistake in measuring c”,) the short is longer than the skirt
But to be honest—I think this is better than the 1st skort I made—the gray skort above. This is cleaner, much improved sewing style….I am so happy c”,)

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