Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Refashioning my old shirts #1

Last May I posted my very 1st blog about my refashioning clothes. But no tutorials--just a summary of the things i made last 2008

So, now i thought of sharing alil tutorial--simple steps on how I did it.

Project no.1 - combining my 2 old shirts that are already alil small on me and making it into 1 new bigger shirt that fits me well c",) ( hopefully will fit me--I am a newbie in sewing)

Picture #1 - my old light blue shirt (in the background-up left the dark blue shirt)

Actually, I forgot again that I was documenting this project--always I am forgetting to take pictures. :-(

So, in this photo I already cut the lower part & attached it to the dark blue shirt--that is why in this photo it looks like half shirt.

This is just to show you guys where I got the light blue fabric.

Picture #2 - Here as you can see...the dark blue shirt is my main shirt. Light blue were used as inserts to have a bigger size shirt.

Note: From 2 old shirts - decide which one will be the main shirt. Then the other one will be destroyed/cut and choose only parts that can be useful to your design. Important also to choose shirts that match together when doing this project.

Picture #3 - inside the shirt

My very 1st time to attempt to sew & re-design a shirt. My aim here was to have a new bigger shirt that will fit me right since I got alil bigger on the tummy side now. ( women's thing problem when you are getting older--I think...hehehe!)

Picture #4 - close up look on how I sew it.

Well...to those who can understand sewing (I don't have formal lessons--I just learned few notes by watching others doing it)---I know I made a mistake here.... c",)

I think I'm wrong here....I should have included the inserts fabric way up to the sleeves also--what do you think?

Another thing---those stretchable fabrics ( very common with our shirts nowadays)--just like those shirts I used in this project...hard to sew because they stretch---My goodness!!

Picture #5 - My finish new bigger shirt.

With some few errors in sewing
1] no inserts in the sleeves

I am so lazy measuring--I hate numbers-hehehe! I just rely on estimating things. But to be honest, that is one of the reasons also why it takes me longer time in finishing 1 project--I often make mistakes in estimating. Mmmmm....that's how you learn c",)

no plans--I just sew things. I should have study 1st all the parts I will attach and plan how to see them one by one....I'm soooo newbie in sewing!!!

4] I don't have this serger thing in my machine--just like what they use in sewing the sides of shirts. I just used the straight pattern, fold the excess fabric and straight sewn it again. Which makes my shirts too thick on those sides--really messy specially on the underarm part :-(

Later only I realized I should have straight sewn it, then zigzag the excess fabric to make it stronger and look a lil professional ( and clean too).

Well, I am still very proud of my new shirt. All the mess were just inside the shirt. Outside shirt---looks OK--according to my friends. I did not show anymore a picture of me wearing it--as you may be wondering if it fits me now....hehehe!!

It fits me better now than before. It is really a problem with those stretchable shirts nowadays--when you are wearing it- it will be hugging every inch of your body. So, if you have those bulging tummies--it will really show. So, I just do a lil trick--I chose a right bottom to pair it--that does not make my tummy bulge c",) instead a lil shapey me.

Have fun Re-fashioning !!

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